one thumb down, one thumb sideways

August 16, 2004

since i am STILL sick (day 7, dear god), josh thoughtfully went out and got 2 videos for us to watch. actually, i think he got them because he figured that at least while the DVD player was on i would stop whining (he was wrong).

movie #1: something’s gotta give. this one was my fault (actually, both movies were my fault). someone (i forget who – parents? some other older person?) told me that it was actually really good, and i believed them. plus, i tend to like jack nicholson (although i prefer him young and nubile as in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest). but it wasn’t good, it was terrible, especially the ending. plus, keanu reeves cannot act. obviously, this movie gets the downward-facing thumb.

movie #2: house of sand and fog. this movie had its ups (ben kingsley) and its downs (jennifer connelly). no, actually it was fairly interesting, but there were just too many hard-to-believe parts in the story for it to really hold together for me. i will say that the film had a nice look to it. they should have spent more time working on the plot.

i think it would be hard to be a film critic! is a review supposed to reflect what a person really feels about a movie, or is it really for commenting on the overall quality of a film? i suppose some reviewers might argue that their tastes and senses are so finely tuned that the two would always intersect, but i don’t know.

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very exciting news: i’m going to try to go to work tomorrow. i’m still sort of feverish and i have visible exudate in my throat, but i’m feeling a little bit better. i only have two days left of work (and therefore 2 days left of my clerkship year!), so i might as well give it the old college try. worst case scenario: i feel horrible and i have to go home. this to me seems like a better option than feeling really guilty because i didn’t try to tough it out.

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