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August 8, 2004

asheville, fayetteville, lumberton, durham – i’ve practically toured the state in these last couple of weeks! josh and i drove across the state to asheville to visit his aunt, uncle, and cousins, who are staying here on vacation (they are from miami). we are staying at a horse-back-riding-themed ranch, which is really nice, except that i don’t (won’t) ride horses. you know, some people are horse people, and some just really aren’t. i think that there is very little middle ground.

conversation, as heard in the car while I am driving to asheville, josh reclining in the passenger seat:

sarah: hey, you know what’s coming up on labor day?

josh: September 6th?

sarah: yeah, remember?

josh: the miami florida state game!

long pause

sarah: and . . .

josh: oh yeah, our two-year anniversary! well, you’re supposed to remember things like that!

nice. no, he’s forgiven. I just thought it was funny.

so i won’t be horseback riding tomorrow, but we are going to go hiking, which should be really nice. it is unseasonably cool here – i think the high was 68 today!

i am slowly remembering what normal people do on weekends (ie, not get up at 5 am for rounds). i have never appreciated this 2-day gap that splices each work week more.

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