american idle

September 1, 2004

no, i didn’t spell that wrong.

i’ve been on vacation for 13 days now. i finished pediatrics on august 18th, and since than have had no real responsibilities outside of attending class 3 times a week. most europeans would consider this a mere “minibreak”, because over there they routinely take month long jaunts into the country for rejuvenation purposes. but in america, as i look around and see that everyone else seems to be working, i feel like a spoiled lazy brat.

i wish i could say i was going crazy with all of this free time (because isn’t that what a good american is supposed to say?) but i’m not. i’m loving it. i’m being mildly productive (doing my homework, going to the gym, cleaning, cooking, etc) but all in my own time. it is relaxing and in some ways i would rather have a week at home like this than an exotic trip to some other part of the world where i have to stay in hotels, think of something worthwhile to do every day, culturally educate myself, and worry that i’m spending too much money.

the ideal would be going with a virtually unlimited budget to some beautiful foreign and luxurious place with no pressure or expectations of seeing everything or even anything. i could wander around, visiting landmarks or museums if i felt like it, and i probably would, but there would be no pressure. i have never had a vacation like that. maybe someday.

back to america: if it takes moving to another country to obtain adequate vacation time in the future, i may have to do it, but canada is out of the question due to climate concerns. perhaps a tropical island would suffice; i mean, they have to have doctors and researchers in bermuda just as they do here, right? and bermuda isn’t even that far away, and they speak english. i could live with that.

things i did today, even though i didn’t have to:

3 loads of laundry

3.5 miles of running at the gym

multiple practice problems for my pharmacology class

read one article relevant to my lab rotation

unpacked from philadephia trip

organized random junk in bedroom

made list of easy recipes to try in next couple weeks

god, i love this. but it’s running out: 6 days left before starting lab (3 of which will take place in miami).

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