September 11, 2004

19: the number of complaints that i have uttered at campout so far, tallied by josh. a few representative examples: ‘i hate bugs’ ‘ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaghgh’ ‘i want to go hooooooome’. you get the idea.

3: number of tent checks between 1 am and 8 am last night. actually, this was better than expected – only the 3 am check woke most of us from sleep.

150: number of free beers some group of b-schoolers managed to convince some local distributer of budweiser they needed to ‘donate’ to their group for the campout, in return for placing a huge ‘sponsored by budweiser’ banner on their RV. i heard rumors that these beers were actually being sold for profit by the b-schoolers to unsuspecting/overly trusting individuals, such as those from the divinity school or social science phD programs. oh, money-hungry business-people.

1: number of girls i saw whose blood alcohol level had to be in the dangerous range. i doubt she made it through the campout

1: number of beers i drank last night. i’m miserable enough at this thing without having to deal with the threat of a hangover. plus, i despise porta-potties and i have a bladder the size of a ping-pong ball.

100: number of minutes ‘off’ i received in return for doing “community service” this morning. these minutes off are what is allowing me to write this right now, from the comfort of my own home. “community service” is in quotes because this “service” consisted of filling out surveys for the business school. yes, that’s right. makin’ the rich people richer. i’m sure the community is thanking me already.

3: number of digital cameras given out as prizes during aforementioned survey-filling-out session

0: number of digital cameras won by me

18: number of hours left in campout

6: minutes before i have to head back on-site, so that i don’t miss a tent-check. so i guess i have to go.

i miss my freedom.

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