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September 23, 2004

i know i’m supposed to be positive. therefore, i have nothing much to say tonight.

i am going to watch the real world now so that i can continue to avoid the realer world of pharmacology take-home tests.

oh yeah — i had a really vivid dream last night where i narrowly escaped falling off a cliff in an suv. see, this girl (someone i went to college with and haven’t seen since) was driving up a mountain, recklessly, for the fun of it, and i was in the back seat of her car. my mother was on the passenger’s side. the girl was bragging about how strong her stupid suv was, and how it could take on any surface in any condition. all the sudden, i realized how wrong she was, and jumped out of the car, somehow yanking my mother along with me.

the driver continued to brag, finishing with something like, “well, you’ll miss out!”; her suv promptly flipped over and rolled off the mountain, exploding in flames at the bottom. somehow, this triggered some sort of avalanche, and there was a big biblical flood. we all had to run up to the top of this castle so that we didn’t all get washed away.

the moral: stick to your guns, and trust your instincts. also, SUVs suck.

good night!

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