September 24, 2004

i am proud to say that i only fell asleep in HALF of my signal transduction seminar today. progress, right? seriously.

it’s been a good day, science-wise. i did my own glucose-sensitive-insulin-secretion assay today, only needing to pester my grad-student-helper once or twice during the process. it felt so good to be able to do something independently, but i might not feel so great once the results are in (tomorrow).

in other news, i am only 40% done with my takehome test and therefore this weekend is not looking to be a carefree romp around town. however, i am going to see wilco on saturday, regardless of test progress. and i’m excited!

conventional wisdom, by me:

(you know, that newsweek column where they have an arrow pointing up or down for various current events).


insulin secreting cell lines!

wilco concerts

setting the alarm for 7:30 am

ashtanga yoga


pharmacology take-home tests

violin stores that take FOREVER to fix yours up


hurricanes, especially those that come back around for a second hit

nightmares (i dreamed my teeth fell out last night! time to get to the dentist, maybe?)

this would have been a lot better with graphics. oh well.

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