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September 21, 2004

so no complaining in this post, right? fortunately, it was a decent day. i am currently enjoying a very high-quality vh1 special on anna nicole smith, because i have a (take-home, week-long) exam to do and i am not only avoiding it, but avoiding it with style.

a positive event: my day was made today when my lab-mate remarked (without provocation) that she fell asleep in every signal transduction colloquium during her first semester in grad school, too. apparently, there’s this signal transduction course that most people take in the spring, which helps elucidate the bizarro-world of jak/stat pathways and raf/ras/mapkk/yougethepicture. this is encouraging. maybe my cluelessness/narcolepsy problem is less of a harbinger of academic doom than i thought.


see? it’s not so hard to be positive.

i’m going to paint my nails now. this avoiding thing is fun. tonight, i will avoid hard-core. tomorrow, i will work. ’cause who knows? i could die in my sleep, and my toenails wouldn’t look very pretty if i spent all night doing pharmacology problems.

god, that wasn’t very nice. you know, i hate the expression, ‘live each and every day as if it were your last.’ if i did that, i would be broke, fat, and dumb, because i would never study on my last day of life. instead, i would eat lots of tiramisu, drink chateau d’Yquem, and get a luxurious foot massage. among other things. who knew this happy post would get so . . . dark? oh well. it’s pedicure time!

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