September 20, 2004




according to site-meter, 3 people found this website via the above google searches. i can see how the shoe and ipod/american idol links zeroed in on this blog, but i’m a bit puzzled with regard to the keanu one. i mean, i don’t believe i’ve ever mentioned keanu reeves (i could be wrong), and i suppose i’ve used the word ‘surgery’ once or twice, but never ‘cervical.’ furthermore, i can’t imagine a surgery that would involve both the c-spine and legs, and keanu doesn’t have the other kind of cervix . . . i think.

well, anyway.

this weekend was a big bust with respect to work. i think i spent about an hour and a half doing problems this morning, and that was it. that and the clean bathroom were my only accomplishments this weekend, which was supposed to be a model of productivity. such is life. at least i got a lot of sleep.

i did manage to run a total of 10.5 miles (i’m training for this 5K in october) and found a cute bday present for my sister, who is not going to be 21 for much longer. i tried to buy a new pair of jeans, but the stupid lucky brand store (which seems to be the only store stocking perfectly-fitting jeans for someone who is 5’1″ and petite but with a somewhat less-petite ass) informed me that they have not restocked any new colors of jeans in the SHORT length for several months. ‘sorry,’ they said. sorry! i had a 30% off pass, damn it, and i was really in a spending mood.

again, i’m complaining. i’m going to stop. for real. tomorrow’s blog is going to be all happy and non-complaining, i swear. in fact, i am hereby declaring this week rant-free. my legs hurt? too bad. my work is hard? tough. my assay didn’t work? what did i expect?

stay tuned. hearts and flowers and happy faces to come!

‘monday, a funday!’ might be tomorrow’s title. just you wait.


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