un petit fromage

September 25, 2004

this entry is dedicated to my sister, rebecca, who turns 22 today!

not the most exciting age, but it’s nice to be 22 rather than 21, i think. 21 — sure, you can drink legally. but at 22, you’re an adult. or closer to an adult. i’m 24, and i still don’t feel like an adult. but enough about me. this entry is about rebecca.

i’ve already mentioned what she is doing this year. as of this moment, she is somewhere around nice, france; she flew in just a few days ago. she is preparing to teach children english, and she is scared (somewhat) and excited (very), because she’s never really taught before. but she is going to be fabulous, because she loves children and loves french. i remember how much when i was younger we LOVED student teachers – they were role models, and usually they were just SO cool, cooler than the regular teachers by a landslide. that’s how she’s going to be to these kids!

i guess our lives, which used to be sort of similar, have diverged. big time. now, she gets french haircuts and strolls around little avenues with baguettes, while i never get haircuts (well, i should) and play with pipettes with a bunch of nerds all day long in a big building.

well, at least ‘pipette’ and ‘baguette’ rhyme.

i admire her courage in choosing a path after graduation that is exciting, different, and that will plunge her into a world away from students and books and tests (well, students HER age, and tests SHE has to take). and i can’t wait to hear all about it.

bonne anniversaire, rebecca!

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