when it’s hot in the poor places tonight

September 26, 2004

the wilco concert was amazing! it made me want to listen to a ghost is born much more, because i think it’s a much more interesting album than i initially gave it credit for. not only did they play a set of mostly ghost and yankee hotel foxtrot material, but they did 2 long encores which included songs from older, more alt-country-esque albums. i liked how they waited until the end to do those songs; the band has certainly changed their primary focus, and it would have been distracting to have songs from being there intermixed with their new stuff. i really like both sides of wilco, and i’m happy i got to see them both last night.

i think i may be entering a personal renaissance. not a creationary one, really, but rather one of appreciation of all the art and creativity that is out there. all the sudden, i want to read more books, find more good music to listen to, and see more independent movies. since i’m still finding myself pleasantly shocked each saturday and sunday that a real weekend does in fact have TWO days in it, maybe i’m just realizing that i need to find more worthwhile things to do with my time. mtv just isn’t cutting it. except for the real world. that’s art. or anthropology. or just indulgent entertainment. i can’t be cultured all the time.

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i am almost finished with my take-home test, which didn’t turn out to be nearly as ‘thorough!’ and ‘challenging!’ as the professor kept saying. i’m not implying that i got everything right — in fact, i’m sure that i didn’t — but i don’t know why he felt the need to warn us 10 times not to put it off. the incessant warnings raised my anxiety levels much more than necessary, since half the problems were straight out of the textbook with different numerical values! true, there were some more difficult questions on it, especially the first two. i suppose if i had just sat down and worked on it early, looking past the first couple of painful questions, i would have realized that there was no need to panic, but unfortunately that wasn’t my method. i got stuck on #1 and then on #2, and i refused to go further until they were done with; i was then in panic mode because i figured that it would only get harder. thankfully, it didn’t. well, it’s (mostly) over now. i’ll stop ranting.

so i plan on spending the rest of the weekend writing a ‘final draft’ of my test, doing laundry, cleaning the house, running, grocery shopping (finally) and finding some new reading material/music. my violin should be ready this week, and i’m excited to try it out. i feel bad for josh, and possibly the neighbors, although not the neighbors with the dogs who run loose all day long. i don’t like them very much.

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