white lumps of joy

September 27, 2004

oh, the end of a weekend. so bittersweet. so tragic. so inevitable. i just can’t believe it’s already sunday night. but i won’t moan. we just had the best dinner ever: tomato risotto w/ scallops. scallops are sort of creepy (what is it exactly that these animals do when they’re alive?) but oh my god, i love them. especially the big succulent bay scallop kind, which i purchased fresh tonight from whole foods. ooh yeah.

so i suppose it’s back to lab tomorrow. my insulin secretion assay did in fact work last week, for those of you who were waiting with baited breath to find out whether i was going to be shunned from the lab in shame or embraced with open arms. but now i need to purify virus so that i can use it to fiddle with certain receptors on the cell, and then i will confirm that it worked and repeat the secretion assay. really, i’ve only begun. last week’s round was sort of a practice run, but i’m very relieved (and shocked!) that the results made some sort of sense.

i have to go into lab early tomorrow, because my virus-infected cells have to be thawed and refrozen and rethawed before i do (with help) the aforementioned purification. it thrills me that ‘early’ is 7 am now. i think back and remember what early meant to me just one year ago, and it makes me want to barf.

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ways in which josh contributed to me being a healthier, better person tonight:

1. he thoughtfully kept me away from the evils of tv. see, he had it on this station that was showing images of big men fighting on it (a game called ‘foot-ball’, i believe), and it magically made me lose interest in watching. i know the real reason he had it tuned to this station was so that i would be productive instead of wasting brain cells on mtv and what not to wear. but i thought it was very sweet how he pretended to be transfixed.

2. he selflessly ate the rest of the ben and jerry’s ice cream so that i could prevent my ldl-cholesterol levels from rising and my ass from growing (so many references to my butt in this blog lately! i apologize). again, it was so nice how he pretended to actually be enjoying it.

actually, i really shouldn’t be making fun. he is the god-sent creature who was responsible for tonight’s scallop-fest. and he can finish the ice cream and watch espn whenever he wants, because he deserves it.


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