October 2, 2004




why did i drink that long island iced tea last night?

things i had planned to do on saturday:

practice problems for pharm


clean house

clean bathroom (again. yes, i’m trying to do it regularly now.)

update lab notebook

read articles

‘hill’ run

bake chocolate caramel walnut torte for dinner party

things i will actually be capable of:

lying around in scrubs moaning ‘why?’

lie in bed

lie on couch

actually, i am planning to charge on ahead with the torte and i will slog my way through the hill run no matter how much it’s going to hurt (and it will). but i fear the cleaning will have to wait.

from now on: 3-drink limit. this time i mean it.

also, i can’t believe it’s october.

stay tuned: i promise tomorrow’s entry can’t be any worse than this.

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