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October 15, 2004

at the end of every ashtanga yoga class, the instructor has us lie back and perform a mini-meditation of sorts. “clear your mind,” she says. “let all the thoughts and worries leave your body. pretend you were floating above, sitting still and watching yourself lie there in your quiet, relaxed state.”

i think i would do better clearing my mind if someone weren’t reminding me to do it, because her suggestions cause me to instinctively do exactly the opposite. i’m like, clear my mind? how am i supposed to do that when i have bills-to-pay-classes-to-study-for-lab-to-worry-about-and-oh-my-god-the-boards-are-only-3-months-away–

not so quiet and relaxed.

the funny thing is that i must be a lot more relaxed and un-stressed than usual, because i’m able to do things like go to yoga. i just suck at willfully clearing my mind. it’s hard, you know.

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i’ve come to the realization that a lot of blogging is narcissistic. mine, for example. i’m writing down little details about my life and myself, and posting them publicly as if they were worthy of public scrutiny. however, i don’t like reading blogs where people write about others all the time, especially in a negative way, because it’s not very nice to think that maybe one day i’ll be flipping through random blogspot sites and see: sarah is such a bitch. have you read her narcissistic blog? i hate her.

blogs devoted to non-personal things (politics, gardening, whatever) are less self-centered, i suppose, but i don’t think anyone wants to read all about the wonders of rt-pcr, in detail, anyway. furthermore, i don’t know enough about the subject to fill a screen.

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the nc state fair is this weekend! i’m going to go see me some showin’ pigs and eat me some fried snickers. giddyup.

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