head trip

October 25, 2004

i dreamed that i was running in a race, only there was no gravity! it was like trying to run a race completely submerged in water, except i could breathe just fine. i couldn’t seem to make much progress, though! it was very vivid and weird. i am running in a 5K this saturday, but i’m pretty sure it’s not being held on the moon.

during the week, the weekend always seems expansive, almost infinite. i make these to-do lists with this delusion in mind, and i never seem to get half of what i wanted to done. maybe my dream symbolizes the frustration . . . i’ll have to consult my shrink.

(no, i don’t really have one.)

this week promises to be quite a hectic one. between finishing in lab (not like i’ll ever be really done) and cleaning the house (josh’s parents, sister, and her fiance are coming!) . . . these are the times it would be lovely to hire an imaginary maid to match my imaginary psychiatrist. or maybe one talented individual that could do both at once:

maid/shrink: and how do you feel about that? [dusts off coffee table]

me: well, i don’t know, tired?

maid/shrink: tired? honey, i’m the one doing all the work around here!

me: you’re right. i’m sorry.

heh. maybe not such a great idea. besides, who needs a therapist when public ranting is so therapeutic?

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