October 11, 2004

you know what i miss? i miss the menu emails that were delivered to my email inbox each morning for several years while i was in college. these emails were lovingly crafted with witty commentary and important food-related information, and they were fabulous. in fact, i would say that they were a primitive blog of sorts, sent at a time before this crap became so mainstream that it caught on even in the knitting-housewives community.

i’m a little bit biased, because these menu emails were written by my friend sara, who graduated in 2001. i think she started emailing a couple of friends with menu information sort of as a joke, but the listserv grew to several hundred people by the time she graduated. she herself was (and still is, i’m sure) as fabulous — actually, more so — than the emails she sent. furthermore, she was as compulsive as i am about making sure they went out every single day. because, you know, if someone missed the opportunity to eat the caramel brownie concoctions famously known as ‘knock-you-nakeds’ in the dining hall on her account, there would be some hell to pay. she wouldn’t have been able to live with the guilt.

when she graduated, a freshman named jamie took over the listserv. he was good, and i think he is fabulous as well, in his own way, but it wasn’t the same.

‘wasn’t the same’? oh my god, can i really be old enough to be waxing this nostalgically back to the year 2001? i guess so. i miss my daily menu emails. maybe i’ll try to convince her to bring them back, in an altered format. but i’m not sure what good it would be to know that there were really decadent brownies being served several hundred miles away. i have to say, though, i never thought the aforementioned ‘knock-you-nakeds’ deserved their title. i can do much, much better.

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i got nothing done today. fortunately, it doesn’t really matter. i’m going to make muffins tomorrow, though, and i’m excited. pumpkin and banana. see? it’s like my own menu thread. i’m also going to make some more cDNA from my virally-infected cells! mmmmmmm, scrumptious.

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