October 12, 2004

thank you, christopher columbus, for making this day one of the most self-indulgent weekdays of my life! as it’s a quasi-holiday, no classes were scheduled. it’s also apparently ‘fall break’ for the undergraduates, but i don’t think that was supposed to extend to the graduate school. with no class, it could have been a productive lab-day, but i just didn’t have much to do (i’m waiting another day for my viral vectors to smoke my cells with lots and lots of siRNA), so i spent a total of 2 hours there. i didn’t even go to the gym, because i was in desperate need of a rest day from running.

what i did:

1. made muffins (banana-walnut only – i got lazy)

2. read half of middlesex (very addictive) on the couch

what i didn’t do:

1. anything that requires effort

being this physically lazy (seriously, i spent more than half the day supine on the couch) kind of makes me marvel at people who have desk jobs but get no exercise whatsoever. now, i’m not talking about the frazzled lawyer/mother of 3 who spends 18 hours a day doing the jobs of 3 people. i’m referring to the childless twentysomething desk employee who spends all day sitting in a cube. today was nice, as a change, but i feel sort of antsy already.

i guess that means i’ve had enough rest.

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