October 28, 2004

i’ve been in a rather bad mood as of late, but i’m working on improving it. really. today was actually sort of a triumphant lab-day: my RT-PCR experiment actually worked this time, i analyzed the data myself, and it looks like my mRNA levels are parallel to the effects seen on insulin secretion! i’m not sure anyone cares, but the graphs look nice. and i feel good knowing that i can run an RT-PCR reaction without breaking anything.

in other news, my 5K training is about to be finished. only one more interval run (which i am going to get up to do on thursday morning) and then i should be buffed for maximum 5K success on saturday — ha. i’m still very slow, but i may reach my goal, which is to run at a faster pace during the second half of the race than the first and end strongly rather than piling in a heap at josh’s toes (he will have finished a good 10 minutes before i will, and will be busy eating recovery bananas by the time i get there, probably).

i can’t believe it’s almost halloween! and speaking of halloween, i haven’t seen any candy around anywhere! usually, the week beforehand, the stuff is ubiquitous, tempting me from every angle, in classrooms, in people’s houses, last year on the OB floor (yes, i was on call on halloween . . . nobody gave birth to any werewolves much to my dismay).

i will end this with a list of the best halloween candy, according to me. when we were younger, after trick or treating, my sister and i would carefully lay out everything on the kitchen table and sort it. some trading would take place, but not much. and we would eat, at the max, like 2 pieces, because for us the main goal of halloween was: how long can you make your candy last? often it was until, like, april. we knew we weren’t getting candy from any other source, so this rationing system was actually pretty brilliant. we didn’t even eat all the good stuff first, either – we carefully spread it out, so even in april, there were favorites left, though by then possibly a bit stale. anyway:

the top 10:

10. peanut m&ms. a long-lasting prize, and in fun colors! fun to eat by sucking each candy, in rainbow order, of course.

9. snickers. these were tasty, but there were always so damn many of them! the non-creative choice, i suppose.

8. 3 musketeers. i liked the way the inside was soft, not chewy. i could really go for one of these right now, actually.

7. good & plenty: fruit flavored. i really dug this nasty treat back in the day. only the fruity kind, though. the licorice-tasting ones didn’t do it for me.

6. mounds/almond joy. tied for 6th, i suppose. what can i say? i like coconut.

5. m&ms. especially when there were prizes to be won by collecting wrappers, such as a trip to disney world or a life-time m&m supply. also excellent for length of time it takes to eat a mini-package (if you sort, count, and suck each ‘flavor’ like i did).

4. baby ruth. these were good. i forget what they taste like, though.

3. reese’s cups. very common treat, but oh-so-good. these are best eaten by carefully biting away the chocolate, and then eating the pb goodness inside.

2. clark bar. i think i liked these b/c they were rare and peanut-buttery (if you can sense a theme towards the end here, i am a huge pb fan).

1. butterfinger. #1, still-reigning champion. best candy bar ever AND endorsed by bart simpson!


honorable mention:

skybar. these were rare, rare, rare. actually, i’m not sure i ever got one from trick-or-treating. but they deserve a mention because they were exciting. i wonder if they are still around today . . .

not in top 10: juice boxes, chips, crayons, applesauce. why???


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