weekend update

October 31, 2004

well, it was certainly an eventful saturday. fun, but hectic, as i anticipated. things did not go smoothly, really, but i think everyone had a good time despite the minor disasters encountered along the way . . .

friday night/saturday in brief — highlights and bloopers

* tallulah’s: didn’t happen. there was no way we were going to last an hour and a half without food when it was already 8:00 on friday night. josh and i had failed to make reservations, underestimating the popularity of our newly found turkish hot spot. i guess other people discovered the amazing turkish pizza as well, because the place was packed. . . we ate at the flying burrito instead, which was good, but not as exciting.

* 19:30: how fast josh ran the 5K on saturday morning! he came in third and i am very, very impressed. i ran it in 28:something (i didn’t pay close enough attention) and am proud to say that i didn’t completely die even though it was the hilliest trail i’ve run in over a year. seriously, it was like a dirt-paved roller-coaster.

* minor tragedy: due to some shifting around of cars and josh being in lab (he had some sort of cell-emergency), i managed to lock us all out of our house. rather embarrassing, but quickly overshadowed by . . .

* major tragedy: the miami hurricanes losing to unc on saturday night. all i wanted was for the game to be over, but even i would have tolerated several minutes of overtime in return for everyone being happy at the end of the game. we waited for over an hour in a jammed-up unc parking lot on the way home, which didn’t help matters. it was rather depressing and only reinforced my hatred for the sport, because how can anything that makes everyone that sad be a good thing? i’ve tried (sort of), but i just can’t seem to get into it. i spent most of the game staring into space, counting down the seconds on the time-clock, and wondering what kind of person i would be today if i had pursued cheerleading in college. i will admit that to me, the most amusing moment of the game was actually when the unc fans stormed the field and tore down both goalposts. i’ve never seen anything like it. kind of funny that winning prompts such a vandalism-like act, but i guess it’s tradition.

so it’s over. i loved getting to see everyone, though i wish they had gotten the satisfaction of seeing their football team beat carolina. the aftermath isn’t even so bad, just a few loads of laundry and reorganization. i feel like i have to get my life in order before my life of learning begins (monday). i also have take-home test #2 hanging over my head, due friday. i’m going to have to use my brain a lot this week, and i have a feeling that it’s going to hurt.

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