enough already

November 13, 2004


sounds like the intro to a whine-filled post, right? BUT: i’ve decided no more. i am not going to complain. i know i’ve moaned about the hardships in my life in the past, but i am determined to rid myself of this habit. i was just thinking about how i can’t stand it when people bitch about how difficult their lives are, and how accepted (? required!) in our society it has become to make these kinds of statements.

my new philosophy: dude, you make your bed. lie in it and like it, or find a new bed. or at least keep your dissatisfaction with your bed to yourself.

i still think it’s ok to complain when you suffer injustices that you have no control over (ie: when my computer didn’t work! or when other people are inconsiderate for no reason at all). but what has to stop is wahhh-i-never-get-enough-sleep-because-my-life-is-so-difficult or even worse, the ‘i-don’t-know-what-to-do,-i’m-just-sooooooooooooo-busy‘. who signed up for all of that stuff anyway? unless you are living under a dictatorship regime and the leader forces you to take six classes and work 14 hours a day in your lab, then keep your bitching to yourself. there is no reason you need to be pitied.

wow, this got rather heated. weird, because it was totally random and unprovoked. i was just thinking about life, choices, happiness, and renal physiology, and all of this came out. well.

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so josh and i just watched stuck on you. yes, that would be the farrelley brothers movie where greg kinnear and matt damon play a pair of conjoined twins. i have to say, it was excellent. and no, i’m not kidding.

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