November 20, 2004

if i can’t avoid winter, the next best thing is to have multiple 70 degree days in late november. which is what we’ve been enjoying now. north carolina weather is so fickle: one day you feel like it might as well be new england, and the next you’re wondering how anyone (well, anyone from up north) can stand not living here.

tobaccoland and ultraconservatism aside, i actually really like this state. we have beaches, mountains, and a small population of people who still talk all southern-like (actually, this population isn’t so small, but one is pressed to find true ‘natives’ in durham sometimes).

southern people are nice. southern people are polite. they might hate you secretly, but you would never know it. i like things better that way — none of that new-age in-your-face honesty stuff. plus, we have barbeque (real barbeque, meaning the pulled-pork-vinegar-sauce with hush puppies on the side), sweet tea (at least partially responsible for soaring diabetes rates down here), and grits (mmmmm).

it’s amazing what a few nice days will do for my allegience to north carolina. as soon as the mercury drops, i’ll probably be hollering something insulting about ‘mullet-wearing rednecks’ and the like. but i’ll never say anything mean about hush puppies.

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