go to hell, carolina

November 5, 2004

hooray for duke basketball! josh and i went to the first game of the season tonight, against st. francis xavier. it wasn’t a real game, but rather an ‘exhibition’, which i think is supposed to mean: a chance to watch duke kick some ass without really trying. a way to get us all pumped and ready to win some real games! we did, in fact, kick ass. i think the final score was 101 to 50-something, and the only reason they got so many points was that we put in lots of second (and third and fourth) string players in the second half.

see, i can like sports. they just have to be interesting, fast-paced, and easy to understand on some level. in my case, our team throws ball in basket = good; other team throws ball in basket = bad is about the depth at which i know the game, but hey! at least i can follow along. i can cheer at the right times. i can chant, “go to hell, carolina!” with the best of them. it’s easy, and since our team is good and we win a lot, it’s fun.

i grew up trying to like baseball, but when my father took me to phillies games, i was always ready to leave by around inning 4 (hey, at least i went!). as i’ve aleady mentioned, i’ve given up on football. i guess, considering the strength of the respective teams at this institution, i’ve come to the right place.

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