i feel powerless

November 3, 2004

i have very little to say regarding the election results, which are not final, but do not look good for the democrats. i guess i’m disappointed, but not surprised. i spent the morning trying to think of which warm and happy foreign countries would be good places to live, but really couldn’t come up with much. australia’s too far, canada’s too cold, and i only speak english, ruling out most of the rest of the world.

i was harboring this delusion that maybe kerry would win this time because it’s ‘our turn’, but the world doesn’t work that way. life doesn’t work that way. nothing is fair and nothing is even. and it certainly isn’t going to get any more fair or even over the next 4 years.

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in other (far less significant) news, i got the job at kaplan, which is nice, but i’m in too frustrated of a mood to care right now. however, the extra money is sure to come in handy. maybe i will soon be able to drown my sorrows in an iPod.

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