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November 24, 2004

i’m going to revamp my studying schedule/methods a bit, because i can no longer tolerate slogging brute-force through review books with no questions or even cross-referencing. also, i want (need) to get out of the house, but it’s raining and nasty and i don’t like it. but all right, that’s enough whining.

i am so ready for a vacation. not so much a break from work (i haven’t been the most productive lately . . .) but a change of scenery, and a chance to interact with others of my species throughout the day. fortunately, we leave for miami on thursday. i’m a little sad at leaving my parents behind for thanksgiving, since my sister is in france and they will therefore be childless. in fact, i believe this will be my first thanksgiving away from my family. sniff.

for the last 2 years during medical school, i flew to philadelphia while josh went home to miami. in my family, thanksgiving is a nice holiday (and an excellent culinary experience). typically, we go to my nearby uncle and aunt’s house, and she and my mother slave away for days in advance cooking all of the traditional staples. it is a nice time, and i suppose it’s a tradition, but it’s not a huge deal. it’s just relaxing, and nice, and familiar. and i will miss everyone a lot, but i’m going to philadelphia in december, which is not so far away.

in his family, thanksgiving is not just that-holiday-that-comes-before-christmas-where-you-eat-a-lot, it’s T H A N K S G I V I N G ! ! ! his grandparents throw a huge party at their house (outside!! it’s miami!!) with a jillion relatives and friends, and then there’s even another party that josh’s immediate family attends later that night. it will be fun, though possibly more hectic. also, i can’t imagine anyone eating two thanksgiving meals, but josh claims that he always does.

other than attending these extravaganzas, my goals for miami are to

– write stupid final paper for pharmacology class

– figure out exactly which house is j.lo’s

– soak up the sun so i can save it and store it until my next visit (end of december). i’m lucky that josh is from miami and not south dakota! though i would go there, too, if i had to.

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