November 10, 2004

i don’t know what got into me, but i’m no longer going to be able to whine about how much i covet an iPod, because i bought one.

i just felt it was time.

for those that care, it’s a 20GB 4th generation (with click-wheel!). the minis are supercute, and i wish i could have gotten my iPod in baby blue or ice pink, but those 16 extra GB of storage are key.

i’m not sure what pushed me over the edge, but there’s nothing like a little (well, or not so little) impulse buy to make any day brighter, even if you are spending it trying futilely to learn anatomy.

unfortunately, i can’t use it yet because my cd-rom drive is broken. so unfair, yet so . . . unsurprising. such is life.

but now it’s life with an iPod. yay!

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yes, this entry is a little late. i was busy, ok? and not with the iPod, because as you’ve now heard, i can’t even use it yet. therefore, i dedicate this rather paltry and unentertaining slice of my life to stanton, josh, and rebecca, who all wanted to know why i didn’t post yet. i’m sounding all indignant, but the fact that anyone noticed or cared actually makes me feel all fuzzy inside. thanks, loyal ones!


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