November 9, 2004

for the third time in a row, i put on my fetching yoga outfit yet failed to actually do any yoga.

time #1, 2 mondays ago: drove to gym for ashtanga class only to find no one there. sulked to self and left.

time #2, 1 monday ago: drove to gym to find out that the yoga instructor was on vacation, and that there would be a ‘body toning’ class instead. sulked to self, contemplated attending class but noticed bizarre-looking torture gear scattered about the room and decided against it. complained (politely) to substitute instructor that there should have been some sort of notice, and left.

time #3, this monday: drove to gym to find that i had forgotten my id card, which meant that a) i couldn’t get into any of the parking lots and b) even if i could have parked, i probably wouldn’t have been able to get past the burly bodyguards into the gym. sulked (less prettily, with more cursing this time, but only to self in car) and left.

is yoga supposed to be so stressful? maybe i should stick to running.

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in other news, only one more day of studying anatomy! i get to move onto physiology tomorrow, where things actually HAPPEN rather than simply EXIST (in a maddeningly complex and twisted latin-named array). can’t wait.

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