out on the town

November 7, 2004

the ‘prom’ was lovely. i went to the mall last minute and managed to find a fun black dress after about 10 minutes of shopping, which never happens. for those of you who are curious, it is black and has spaghetti straps and goes straight across with sort of a ruching-thing going on at the top. it is fitted through the bodice and hips and then the hem is layers of sheer material creating what josh described as a ‘tinkerbell’ look. i was thinking more ballet-inspired, but whatever, it’s cute. and it was cheap. hooray for the BP department at nordstrom (‘young contemporary’ sounds so much nicer than ‘juniors’).

josh and i went out to dinner at a cute little french place in raleigh called bistro 607 and we ate a lot, including grand marnier chocolate mousse cake at the end (heaven). it was really nice getting out of the durham/chapel hill area for once — i feel like raleigh is typically ignored by us and most of our friends, but it really isn’t much further than chapel hill. and there are fewer unc frat boys. anyway, it was a great place. 2 (4?) thumbs up.

the actual ‘ball’ part was fun, but we had to leave at 12:30 because my feet started to reach critical pain levels. i really need to find some more practical shoes, but is it my fault that all the attractive ones feel like torture devices after mere hours of wear? i suppose i don’t need to wear 4″ heels, but it’s fun to be less-short (i can’t say tall, the 4″ only makes me 5’5″) for once.

and now, back to reality. i am halfway through my attack on embryology. i can’t wait to finish with the embryo/anatomy/neuro trifecta, because my spatially challenged brain is already pleading for mercy. i can’t understand structural relationships, so i sort of just have to memorize key associations and hope it gets me through. i can’t wait to study something more compatible with my brain structure, like physiology. or fungus.

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