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November 21, 2004

i couldn’t help myself. when i saw the cover of us weekly with jessica simpson on the cover and the accompanying headline “she’s flirting, he’s hurting!”, i had to buy it. because i am, regrettably, completely sucked into things like this, especially when i get into certain moods.

but then, inside was a complete letdown! there was no real evidence that they were anywhere near broken up, and the reason they haven’t had any time to spend with each other is that they’ve been in different states. jessica is busy filming dukes of hazzard (destined to a true gem, i’m sure) in tennessee, and nick is still trying to revive his singing career in california. it was all a ploy to get me to buy their piece of trash, and damn it, it worked.

however, if i hadn’t bought this week’s us, i wouldn’t have gotten the chance to appreciate britney’s newfound talent: she has discovered poetry. who knows if she really wrote this, but apparently these are some sample verses:

“a honeymoon at last, to get away from it all /

my assistant Fe gave me the call /

a meal, a shower, and some ice cream /

then i threw my man down, you know what i mean.”

i only read this crap while running, so at least i waste only money and not time. but still. at least i can write better than britney . . .

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i turned 24 and a half today!

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