November 23, 2004

that’s the sound of me falling from my oh-so-productive-high into the depths of uselessness. what’s with me lately? one day i’m all motivated, the next i’m a mess – i always used to have ‘phases’ like this, but i’ve never oscillated so rapidly.

yesterday i was productive – until exactly 1:40 pm. it was after-lunch, and i was tired, and i decided that a little 20-minute powernap would be a perfect way to get my brain back to functional. i dutifully set my alarm for 2:00.

at 2, i dutifully reset it for 2:20.

at 2:20, i sheepishly set it to 2:40.

at 2:40, i turned the damn phone off.

at 4:20, i woke up.

argh. but then i felt horrible – like i had a hangover. i decided that the only way to clear my mind was to go running, so i drove to the gym. two traffic jams and a rather lackluster workout later, i got home. it was 6:00. josh i and made dinner, and then we watched duke basketball.

and then i just couldn’t get off the couch. it was like someone had poured glue, or crack, or SOMETHING really sticky or intoxicating all over it and i just couldn’t get away. i watched crap ranging from the cosby show to road rules/real world challenge to the swan (horrors!). and then i watched desperate housewives that i had on tape from sunday (which was excellent, despite my mood).

how did a day that started off so well end so badly? i don’t know. i think i need to redo my schedule, put in some more official time off. or something. ugh. i’m sick of this already.


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