icy memories

December 13, 2004

with all the fuss i made about hating winter, with the coldness and the darkness and the chapped lips and the dry skin and the blah blah blah blah blah — it really hasn’t been so bad thus far.

it’s december 13, and therefore we are nearly halfway through the 1st winter month (in north carolina, of course. from my personal life experience, i would say that williamstown winter starts in mid-october, philadelphia winter in early november). i haven’t seen a single snowflake, nor have i had to scrap ice off of my car windows (least favorite activity of all time! seriously, i would rather scrub a toilet. a non-frozen one).

i appreciate the current lack of ice/snow/frost on my windshield, i really do. 2 years and one week ago i was camping out in an abandoned office in duke south, because an ice storm took away everyone’s power and there was no heat to be found. josh and i found the little heated lair and claimed it as our own, bringing in a space heater, coffee maker, and air mattress. we lived there for 5 days, eating hospital food and taking showers at the hospital gym, all the while cramming for 3 consecutive exams in microanatomy, anatomy, and physiology. i sort of remember the event fondly, but only because i think it brought us closer in the early days of our relationship (josh & i had been together for only about 3 months at that point).

it was weird, living in the hospital. even a little exciting. would i want to do it again? never.

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rating of this week’s desperate housewives: excellent

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