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December 1, 2004

vague, rambling, and pedestrian – perhaps. but finished. hell yeah! i’m not sure why i detest writing papers so much, but i always have and probably always will. obviously, i don’t hate writing generally, since i voluntarily sit here and type something (almost) every day on this site, just for the fun of it.

there’s something about the looming deadline and the empty microsoft word screen that pops up when you finally decide to get started that i absolutely can’t stand. i never start on papers early, and i always write them in as short a period as possible. i hope to change my ways when i go about writing my dissertation, as that is one piece ‘o’ work that i fear would be impossible to write the night before (or, as has been my custom in the past, the morning of).


it’s now december, which means lots of travelling in iffy weather, many parties, and some very important birthdays (you know who you are). and it also means my parents (as of today) have been married 30 years. which is a long time!

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and speaking of parents, get this: while prepping spanikopita in miami with josh’s extended family, i discovered that his uncle (in this case his mother’s brother) dated my mom while in college. fortunately, it didn’t work out, because then i wouldn’t exist. and the half of me that did exist would be related to josh, and that wouldn’t be too good.

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