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December 6, 2004

i did it! i graduated from the kaplan teacher-training program. even though my vocal cords are covered in mucus and other inflammatory substances, i was able to slog my way through 15 minutes of physics to prove my worth one last time. i was chastised for only using the word kaplan once during those 15 minutes, but i passed anyway. yay!

now to actually find a class to teach! there are almost no slots left for mcat teachers for the next few months, but i may end up teaching the DAT instead! yep, that would be the dental version of the mcat. the tests are very similar, although the dentist-hopefuls have to do a ‘spatial reasoning’ type section that i know i would be unable to teach. fortunately, they also do bio, chem, verbal, and quantitative reasoning, so there would be enough that i qualify for. well, we’ll see if the important people at kaplan get back to me.

so now all that remains in my life is the boards. i like it much better when i have only one thing to focus on, but i can’t say that i’m terribly excited about studying. however, since i can’t talk, like, at all, it seems like the perfect time to isolate myself and actually get down to business.

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movies i want to see:



the incredibles

i heart huckabees (when it comes out on video)

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  • Reply Anonymous December 10, 2004 at 3:29 pm

    other movies you really should see:la mala educacion (sometimes referred to as bad education)the motorcycle diariesocean's 12vera drake (i've heard it's incredible) (although definitely not the same way that the incredibles is incredible)other things that i'd like to say:i can't wait to see you when you get to ye olde havertown. when are you going home? i miss you miss. good luck with all the studying and the teaching and whatnot. xxxooo, r

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