under attack

December 5, 2004

i knew what was happening, but i didn’t want to believe it.

on friday, it all began with a vague notion that something was not normal in the region of my throat. it didn’t hurt, i wasn’t congested, really, but something was awry. i kept clearing it in the hopes that whatever was sitting in there would dissipate, but it didn’t seem to be working so well.

on saturday, things progressed, though rather slowly. i was tired, but figured that this was because i went to the mall and it was a crazy mob-scene. my nose was running a little, but it was cold out, and that happens, right? at around 5 pm, i actually went all the way into the gym with the purpose of working out, only to leave, feeling like i had no energy for such activity.

by 10 pm all hell broke loose: my lymph nodes popping out of my neck, nasty mucoid material streaming from my nose and down my throat, a headache to rival a bad hangover. and i realized that i knew what was coming all along.

i HATE being sick! i don’t have time to be sick right now. and how am i supposed to deliver my final kaplan teachbacks if i can’t even talk?

argh. this better be over soon. as in, tomorrow. bring on the dayquil.

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