i had a dream, too

January 25, 2005

my sister had a freaky dream.

i’m not even going to try to psychoanalyze that one.

i had a dream last night in which i met brad pitt at a party or reunion or something and was jealous because josh was acting like his long lost fraternity brother. i was left out, you know? anyway.

i started in a new lab today, for my second (and thankfully last!) rotation. it was weird and nerve wracking of course, because it was new, but i’m trying to ignore all the feelings that i’m having that go like “i wish i was back at my ooooooooold lab” because those feelings are really based on nothing other than the fact that the old lab is familiar and i knew where stuff was and was no longer mixing up people’s names. well, mostly. and i was quasi-independent. now i’m back to following my mentor (grad-student-mentor is a woman this time!) around like a dutiful duckling. ugh.

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