i’m baaaaaaaaack! part II

January 7, 2005

i’m baaaaaaack . . . again! i realize it’s been a while, but i decided i don’t really like blogging from spots other than my somewhat-cozy nook at the dining room table where my laptop sits, in our house. and hello – i was in miami! i had better things to do than sit by a computer all day, right?

actually, not really. well, the first part of the trip was somewhat crazy: josh’s brother had a very intimate — but work-intensive — wedding on new year’s eve. every family member and honorary-member (ie, me) worked incredibly hard to prepare for the occasion and even acted as servers and cleanup crew during/after the event. 96 guests were in attendance. note to anyone who think that no-hired-help sounds quaint and lovely — it ain’t so fun dragging chairs around and scraping food-strewn plates into the trash while wearing a sparkly dress and 4-inch heels. other than that, however, i thought the event was beautiful and fabulous. i probably just shouldn’t have been wearings such impractical shoes.

after all that was over, everyone was able to relax a bit more. i got some work done (although i never did finish the anatomy questions on qbank . . . oh well) and went for several nice runs in the sunshine. though apparently i didn’t have to go to miami to experience freakishly summery january weather, because we’re having a warm snap here. maybe winter has been cancelled this year! but i digress, as usual.

anyway, i had fun. i’m ready to work (hard). the boards are in 11 days! as howard dean would say, “yyeeehaoehahghaghaghghghggggggggghhh!”

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