niceness: truly underrated

January 28, 2005

i’m trying very hard not to prematurely pass judgment on my new lab, since i’ve been there exactly 4 days. furthermore, i don’t want to let my (unfortunate but very real) dislike for the post-doc i’m working with be a factor in whether i choose to stay in the lab, because i certainly wouldn’t have to work with her if i decided to continue.

i appreciate whoever commented on my first post, giving me some perspective on what it would feel like to be a post-doc forced to give precious time and energy to a lowly ‘roton’ (the name by which i was addressed in my old lab — but in an affectionate way). however, as much as i appreciate the lessons i’m learning from my post-doc, she’s just not that nice to me. niceness may not seem like an important quality to have in the world of science (this girl runs her life like she’s a programmed robot ubermachine), but it’s very important to me.

it’s the little things. things like asking me where i’m from, for gods sake. asking me what i want to do with my life. showing me where to find things (yes, for the second time, maybe, but it’s a big lab and i’m *terrible* about remembering that sort of thing) without a roll of the eyes.

maybe i’m asking too much. but i hope that someday when i’m a postdoc, or a resident, or even just a badass grad student who knows what i’m doing (like my gsmg of the old lab – oh gsmg, i miss you!) — i will be a good mentor to rotating students. i may not be brilliant, and i’m certainly not the best at explaining things, but i’ll try hard, and damnit, i will at least be nice. and hopefully my rotons will appreciate it.

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i saw ben folds in concert tonight! he was amazing and i was completely in awe the whole time, as usual. probably the best highlight (though there were many): cover of dr. dre’s ‘bitches ain’t shit’ in a lovely, lilting minor key. i am super-excited for his new album to come out, in april.

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    hi, i'm stacey, i'm the one who commented before. while i can understand the motivation for micromanaging a rotation student (esp. if a person runs her own research similarly), i definitely don't understand the point in being downright rude, so i won't defend her anymore. 🙂 but, now i have advice more from the perspective of a former rotation student: don't automatically discount the lab because of that one person. i did three rotations when i was a first year grad student. in two of the three, i worked with people i didn't like at all. (luckily, the woman i worked with in the third lab was really great, so i had one good rotation experience at least.) but in the end, i joined one of the first two labs…after talking with other people in the lab i eventually joined, i realized that the person i had worked with was not typical of the lab, and that in all other areas (like how much i was interested in the research, and the relationship between the students and the PI) the lab was the best fit for me. and i was always happy with the choice i made (though i never got along with the person i worked with during my rotation!) anyway, i hope the rest of your rotation passes quickly!

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