January 31, 2005

i’m tired of rotating. in a way, i’ve been rotating my life away since the end of july of ’03, when i started surgery. every 8 weeks or so (well, longer for the recent ‘cram-for-the-boards!’ rotation) i’ve moved onto to something entirely different than what i was doing.

the last 1.5 years of my life, in order of rotation:



family medicine



(2 weeks of health systems crap)



grad school: lab #1


grad school: lab #2

within each rotation, my life has gone like this:

step 1: arrive somewhere totally disoriented and clueless

step 2: bother others until i figure out what is going on

step 3: proudly attain some degree of independence/proficiency in whatever it is that i’m doing

step 4: move onto next rotation.

it’s frustrating. i’m sick of all this movement, all this change. i want my own space and my own set of pipets. i want to be working on something that is not going to end in several more weeks. i’m dizzy. and i’m ready to stand still.

and i guess that’s good, because when i finally do come to a halt it’s going to be for many years. if i ever start to complain about the stagnancy, i’ll just go back and read this post.

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