January 9, 2005

i love new year’s resolutions. in fact, i love resolutions in general, and i make them all the time. i can’t help myself, really; it goes along with my uncontrollable tendency to be continuously planning, scheduling, and thinking about things to come. it’s already january 9th, a few days late, but i realized that i never posted anything regarding my lofty goals for 2005 in this blog. at the very least, this ambitious list will be fun to laugh at several months down the road. (and yes, i realize that posting this is so cliche that it may make some of you barf, but that’s your problem.)

so here they are:

1. keep in better touch with people (especially friends who don’t live so close)

2. pay more attention to where my money goes so that i am consciously choosing where to blow it (rather than just doing so haphazardly)

3. cook more/eat out less/eat more vegetables and (mostly) only organic meat

4. take calcium even though the pills are big and make me want to gag

5. avoid rushing through things, especially in lab.

6. avoid stressing out about class

7. try really really hard not to sleep through seminars

8. take more trips and make them long enough (i feel like we’re usually so pressed for time whenever we go anywhere, and sometimes it kind of ruins the fun)

9. start learning spanish

10. run some races (half marathon 3.5.05 and maybe the philadelphia distance run?) and get over my systematic avoidance of lifting weights (due to both laziness and ineptitude)

11. read more books (and less trash) and make an effort to find new music to enrich iPod

well, we’ll just have to see what happens.

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nine days left of cramming left! agggh.

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