a sad (and shallow) tale

January 10, 2005

i have a hair appointment in an hour. this makes me somewhat depressed. i gave up on my hair long ago, probably during high school, when i realized that it would never lie smooth and straight nor form shiny curls. my hair is very thick, sort of erratically wavy, extremely prone to frizz, and voluminous enough to fill 3 normal-sized heads. the only success i have ever had, hair-wise, is when i flat-iron it (or have someone else flat-iron it). unfortunately, the blow-drying/flat-ironing process takes at least an hour. i’m sure that if done every day, it would be damaging (and therefore unsustainable), but that’s a moot point, because i am absolutely not willing to spend that kind of time on my hair.

i get so jealous when friends come back from some ‘miracle worker’ hairstylist with some fabulous/trendy/flattering cut. i want my own miracle! but i cannot imagine a hairstyle or cut that would actually look acceptable on my head without the above flat-ironing nightmare. i’ve contemplated permanent straightening (ie, thermal reconditioning) but have heard bad things about nasty roots coming in. plus, the $300 price tag is relatively prohibitive in my current financial situation.

so until i become so rich and famous that i can have a personal hairstylist flat-iron me daily while i do more important tasks (you know, checking email, writing blogs, whatever), i’m going to be wearing my hair on top of my head in some effort to pretend that it isn’t there.


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