the words that aren’t there

January 23, 2005

you can almost tell more about a person from what isn’t in her blog than what is. when i started this thing, i didn’t think much about the issue. i figured that since my life is by nature rather benign and routine, there wouldn’t be much that i wouldn’t want to disclose.

i’m not saying that i’m hiding some deep dark secret (i’m really a MAN!!! no, not really), but it’s interesting to me that while some of my emotions seep endlessly through the keyboard, there are others that never get anywhere near it.

things i have not been embarrassed to share:

– utter lack of confidence in my lab abilities

– belief that i have sometimes that i don’t really belong here

– that i don’t think all doctors are good people

– how i flashed a full crowd of people at a friend’s wedding

things that are off limits:

– well come on, did you think i was really going to write a list?

seriously though, i never thought of myself as a particularly private person. but this daily public exposure has helped me to realize that in some ways, i am.

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