zero hour!

January 18, 2005

phew. it’s all going to be over with in less than 24 hours. today, after a perfunctory glance over the last 2 sections of first aid (and i do mean ‘glance‘), i decided i was finished with cramming medical factoids for the day.

and for the week.

and for the month.

and most likely for several years (i say most likely because if i work in a clinic or something, i would have to brush up. doctors love factoids.)

i’m a little scared, a little sad (this really means i won’t be much of a med student for quite some time, doesn’t it!), and a lot relieved. i will be able to move on with my life and forget that laceration of the ‘wradial’ nerve causes ‘wrist’ drop (that’s about the extend of my anatomy knowledge) and that the toxin in diptheria causes inhibition of EF2 in the heart and neural tissues. and much, much more. i will be able to move on from fretting about this silly test to fretting about my next lab rotation (uh oh, are they going to care that i still don’t know how to run a western?).

some things never change . . . see ya on the other side!

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