5 reasons tomorrow will be a better day

February 4, 2005

1. the weather was disgusting: rainy, dark, and dank.

2. my cells were at much lower density than they should have been and i think i did something wrong.

3. my gel came out with way too many bands on it (although i was somewhat shocked to see that i got any bands at all, seeing as it was my first independently-attempted gel). probably because i used .5% milk instead of 5% milk to prevent nonspecific binding. but i’m not going to tell my postdoc girl that because she will laugh at me and think i’m dumb.

4. i was bored all afternoon and i kept falling asleep trying to read articles but was forced to stay in lab looking busy a) for appearances sake and b) because i had a class at 4.

5. it was raining and i missed the bus to the parking lot by about 2 seconds. i think the bus driver actually eyed me but decided against waiting. i probably looked too surly.

i am ready for a weekend.

the one good point is that i finally sat down and worked out my financial woes. see, come april, i’m going to owe a whole lot of taxes ($2000) because i didn’t have anything deducted from my paycheck. and i’ve been freaking out over how i was going to come up with the sum without having to live off of ramen for several months (i don’t even LIKE ramen). however, i figured that thanks to my supplementary kaplan income, i will have enough in my bank account on april 1st to pay in full *and* i will still have a whopping $700 (spread out over those 2 months) to blow on non-essentials (such as going out, my upcoming dentist appointment (!), my trip to boston, a flight to miami for josh’s sister’s bachelorette weekend). as you can tell, i’m not really so into saving any money these days, but i think it comes with the territory of earning not very much money. and i can’t complain; living on the edge isn’t so bad. but i’m sad that i can’t go shopping. perhaps in april . . .

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