and so it begins (almost)

February 24, 2005

what is it with my new dependence complex? i’ve been asking for all this advice in this blog lately: about shoes (that was fun, wasn’t it?), and (i suppose) more importantly, about whether to do a third rotation. i appreciate all of the input that those on and off-line have given me, but i’ve decided to pretty much ignore all of the caring voices and do what has served me quite well in the past:

i’m going with my instincts.

i am not going to do another rotation.

and i’m going to start in the [Anonymous] lab in april, and i will be roton no more.

as soon as i made this decision once and for all, i felt calm and very happy – kind of the way i felt when i decided to go to williams, or when i decided to apply md/phd rather than straight md. or (sentimental moment) when i decided to ask josh on a date 2 and a half years ago (fortunately, he said yes).

as for the shoes – well, i’m going to try both pairs on this weekend. and we’ll just have to see.

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