bitch retraction

February 7, 2005

an unprecedented 2nd-entry-in-the-same-hour.

well, i just wanted to say that although i have been bitching a lot in my last few entries, things are really not so bad. i need to stop focusing on the small (or moderate-sized) failures in life, because they pale in comparison to the fact that i have a boyfriend and family that loves me, a wide-open field of career possibliities, and even though the IRS is going to squelch my fantasies of a march shopping spree (sadly, i am tempted by not just one but several items in the uber-preppy new spring jcrew catalog), i am financially independent and comfortable.

and my self-esteem really isn’t all that bad.

ok, that’s it. i’m done. i’m going to not-watch the superbowl now.

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