guess i spoke too soon

February 6, 2005

as a teacher, i sucked today. i tried to teach physics, and i ended up sounding like an idiot. and an unprepared idiot at that, even though i spent 4 hours going over the lesson beforehand. one of the same kids who complimented me on wednesday asked timidly, “uhh, you’re not teaching any more of the physics, are you?”. and one girl actually left when it was break-time. i want to think that she had some reason for leaving (hot date? sudden illness) other than my ineptitude, but i have a feeling that my worst fears are true.

i learned my own lesson today: don’t try to teach what you don’t know well.

i think back of all the times i sat in classes pitying some poor teacher who clearly had no idea what he/she was talking about. and today, that poor teacher was me.

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