February 21, 2005

yeah, i know. it’s been a while.

i’ve been busy, honestly, and rather surly, so unless you enjoy reading whiny rants, you haven’t missed anything. my rather compulsive-looking checklist started to balloon out of control sometime around last tuesday, and i haven’t caught up since.

but at least now i’m sort of coming to terms with that.

i’ve been working pretty hard in lab and unfortunately it’s not a peaceful/relaxing/getting-in-the-groove sort of work, either. i’m definitely feeling rushed through everything i’m doing, due to constraints on hood space, PDIC’s demands, or my own lack of time.

it’s my own damn fault, but time has become a rather scarce commodity in my life right now. i’m not saying that i’m working some obscene hospital-esque hours — i’m not — but i’m doing so many things that i’m starting to worry about my ability to focus on any of them.

these things include:

– kaplan. of which i am probably doing too much. i am teaching today and tomorrow, and really i should be limiting it to once a week. but oh, the tantalizing realization that every class i teach = an inexpensive pair of shoes!

– lab. i’ve been coming in early (7 am or earlier) several days a week to run RT-PCR, because the damn thing is reserved so much. tomorrow i have to appear at 6:00 am to set up for a flow cytometry experiment, because that was the time my PDIC ‘assigned’ me for. i will admit that i generally leave early (4 or 5), so i’m not saying my days are super-long, or anything. but i am having trouble dealing with the cut into my precious sleepy time (i need 8 hours to function optimally — who am i kidding? i need it to stay awake for MOST of class. sometimes.)

– training. i’m in the home stretch of the half-marathon training program, which is exciting. but it’s also very tiring. i ran 32 miles last week (10 miles on sunday! yeah!) and i have the same schedule this week. thankfully, it’s taper-time after that. i need it.

– class, and the piles of reading i’ve been assigned as of late (that i haven’t gotten to, but which are pressuring me from my ‘read me’ folder as we speak).

and finally, down time. i need it. i crave it. and i can’t live without it (which is why i worry about my ability to perform as a resident . . .). i need to take semi-naps while semi-watching TRL after work. i need my desperate housewives. i need my BLOGGING time, damn it. and from now on, i’m not going to let stupid unfilled checkboxes in my planner keep me away.

i’m back, baby.

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