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February 1, 2005

You Are Most Like Samantha!

For you, dating is the ultimate sport

You’re into guys with power, looks, or a lot of money.

You rather have a great two weeks than a great forever.

But even you fall victim to love from time to time 🙂

Romantic prediction: You’ll find love in the next few months…

But you’ll be the last one to realize it.

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thanks again to cara for this lovely link. has lab sucked out all my creativity already? i hope not.

lately i’ve been freaking out about things i probably shouldn’t be freaking out over, such as the lifespan of my ovaries and how impossible it would be to have a kid while in residency (thanks, michelle). i’m starting to look wayyyyy too far into the future, thinking about things like: ‘maybe i shouldn’t do a residency!’. i’m worried that the double-sided career i had always planned on would be unfeasible with the family that i also want – especially since i hope to have this family with someone who is going to have a rather demanding career of his own (general surgery ain’t no cakewalk).

somehow i don’t see samantha worrying about these sorts of things.

i feel more like a carrie.

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