rush, rush: not just a paula abdul song

February 10, 2005

and i wonder why my blood pressure isn’t so low . . .

a (crappy) day in the life:

– rush to make coffee/eat something before run

– rush to gym (at 6:30 am, before class)

– rush to finish run (well, not really, but i did spend my run in a panic that there would be someone wanting to use my treamill, because they have these new ’30 minutes during peak hours or when others are waiting’ signs and my 7.5 mile interval run takes me a lot longer than that)

– rush to take shower/get to class on time

– rush to lab because i know i have gels to run

– rush to cast gel. get berated by postdoc mentor because i apparently am too slow of a learner for her tastes.

– rush to go eat lunch before conference at noon

– rush to noon conference

– rush to prepare samples and load gel

– rush to set gel to run before rushing to 3:00 class (which sucked, incidentally)

– rush to set up gel transfer and split cells so that can rush home

– rush home (as mentioned above) and eat a very rushed dinner

– rush to meredith college to teach kaplan.

i suppose the rest of my night was fairly relaxing. i need to not live like this.

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