what a world, what a world

February 7, 2005

more suckiness.

though i did see an amazing movie last night (million dollar baby: absolutely phenomenal) and admittedly i did enjoy a decadent night of sleep without an alarm clock this morning, i’m in a foul mood at this particular moment. this is because i spent 3 hours in lab today splitting and harvesting cells, only to throw all of my work in the trash because i mistook my bottle of sterile water for phosphate buffered saline (pbs).

it went like this: i spun my precious babies down after suspending them in what i thought was pbs, but then was quite perplexed when they seemed to have mostly vanished after just their 5 minute cenrifuge. i still saw a faint ghost of a pellet in some of the tubes, though, so i washed them again in what i thought was pbs.

this time they came out completely gone.

and that is the sad story of how i wasted 3 hours in lab on a sunny, 60-degree sunday afternoon. between this lovely incident and my kaplan debacle, my self-esteem is dropping steadily by the day. i’m hoping for a better week.

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