i obviously have too much time on my hands

March 22, 2005

i’m glad i’m going back to work tomorrow. in my own, actual lab! over and over again, i realize that i’m happier and more productive when my schedule is full, not empty. i think not having stuff to do actually makes me tired.

at least i’m caught up on my sleep.

today i’m making a last-ditch effort to catch up on all the mundane little details of life. organizing my finances (again), getting my new jeans hemmed, and donating lots of unwanted clothing to this consignment shop which benefits the durham women’s shelter. maybe someone else will see beauty in what i now see as shopping mistakes.

also, i was kidding last time, but i’m thinking of really starting a recipe blog. not a real blog, per se, but just to keep track of the good stuff i make, because then i can go back to it and find things again. i hate feeling devoid of cooking ideas when in reality the possibilities are nearly limitless.

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UPDATE, UPDATE! i have created said recipe-blog, which can now be accessed at laaacuisine.blogspot.com. to my very culinarily-educated family and friends: i would appreciate any recipe-contributions 🙂 just email me, and i’ll add ’em in. because i need all the help i can get.

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