March 3, 2005

i feel like such a mess these days. i can’t seem to get ahold of my stuff (disorganized), my schedule (undefined), my motivation (waning), my bank account (hemorrhaging), or even my blog (empty). i am absolutely longing for real spring to begin — i’m not sure how i ever made it through a williamstown winter.

update on the shoe saga:

pair #1 arrived in the mail, but was somewhat too small, and is going to have to be returned. furthermore (though it might be because they don’t really fit), josh and i feel that they actually look cuter off the foot than on it. so i’m leaning towards #2, but i have yet to receive the size 5 1/2 pair that i ordered — i’m just hoping it fits!

loose ends/annoying things in my life that i’m going to take care of, i swear:

* cleaning (the bathroom, especially! and piles of laundry, too)

* take-home test: due wednesday

* preparing a stupid presentation for other class: for wednesday. oh dear.

* organizing my finances (again); assessing status after aforementioned hemorrhage

* finishing in lab — a couple more FACS experiments, sadly

and then i will move into my new lab with the confidence and renewed spirit that comes along with a clean bathroom and (hopefully) new spring weather. ahhhhhhhhhhhh . . .

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